Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online? Let’s Find Out

Hundreds of institutions use Turnitin to uphold integrity. Ideally, the goal is to ensure every student, regardless of his or her academic level, submit plagiarism-free work. You can think of it as a tool that protracts intellectual theft. But can Turnitin detect essays bought online?

Turnitin can detect essays bought online if they’re from an already existing source. Given that the tool is work in progress, it can even flag essays written by IA tools such as ChatGPT and Jasper. Turnitin leaves zero room for intellectual theft and indeed helps to promote academic integrity.

From professional writing standpoint, professors don’t have the luxury of time to waste on essays subject to intellectual theft. So if they ask you to run your essay through the software, they want to be sure you invested your to get the essay done.

Key Takeaways

  • Turnitin is an industry-leading plagiarism and AI detector that promotes academic integrity globally. 
  • Hundreds of institutions in more than 150 countries use Turnitin to encourage students to do their original work.
  • Turnitin can detect essays bought online if they’re from an already existing source. The tool cannot detect custom written work.
  • Professors mostly use this tool to control academic cheating.

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What’s Turnitin Exactly?

Turnitin is an academic tool developed by Christian Storm. As an industry-leading tool, the software helps institutions to promote academic integrity by fighting against intellectual theft.

It may not have been popular when it first launched in 1997. As it became widely known and popular, Turnitin grew to become the go-to solution form encouraging students to do their own unique work.

At the time of this writing, more than 15,000 schools and 30 million students in 150 countries use Turnitin to uphold academic transparency.

  • For students, Turnitin is a tool that helps with the production of original work, be it a paper written by oneself or outsourced online.
  • For professors, Turnitin is the go-to tool for determining whether students indeed invested their time in original research or otherwise.

How Does Turnitin Work?

Here’s the deal:

Every institution gets a unique license to Turnitin databases. But because the program is similar across the board, any document that a student submits will end up in the same system.

If you paste your essay in Turnitin, and it’s highly likely that your teacher might ask you to, the system will scan the paper against the databases distributed to the more than 15,000 institutions.

Also, the tool will keep a log of every document that you submit. Should you feel tempted to submit the same document in the future, the tool will send back a warning that the essay already exists in its database.

From a performance standpoint, Turnitin is powerful enough to flag similar papers instantly. 

One of the most interesting things about Turnitin is timing. It doesn’t just check your essay for similarity against research work of the current year. It goes a step further and checks the essay against papers submitted in the past years, so it’s difficult to get away with academic dishonesty.

Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought from Online Writers? 

The answer is it depends.

First, Turnitin won’t detect well-researched, custom written essays, even if you buy them from essay writing services online. That’s because the tool only flags plagiarized papers and essay source from public databases that use Turnitin.

Understand that Turnitin is extremely good at checking the similarity score of an essay you buy online against what already exists in public databases.  However, it can’t tell if you paid for an essay online.

Turnitin is not a plagiarism checker and it doesn’t know your personal writing style. Therefore, as a tool, the software can’t make a conscious judgment as to where your paper came from – or who wrote it for you.

Because Turnitin cannot detect paraphrasing, you should equally look past it if plagiarism is what you want to check.

The thing you need to know about Turnitin is that it only finds and flags matching content in its database. Then, it will assign a similarity score that professors can easily decode.

Even if the tool were to detect plagiarism, it can only go as far as to highlight matching text and show links to sources containing the matching text.

Turnitin goes beyond scanning and checking for similarities between texts. It can also detect PDF files, although it’s not yet powerful enough to access all PDF files.

At the time of this publication, the tool can only detect Adobe PDF files. Moreover, the tool cannot scan images in the PDF document to determine the possibility of intellectual theft.

How to Ensure Turnitin Doesn’t Flag Your Paper

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