topic sentence

Argumentative Essay Topic Sentence: Definition & Tips to Write

In this guide, we show you exactly how to write a good topic sentence for your argumentative essay. You learn what it is, why it’s important, as well as the right way to include it in your work. Let’s get started. Key Takeaways What is a Topic Sentence in an Argumentative Essay? A topic sentence … Read more

argumentative essay hook

How to Write Argumentative Essay Hook [With Examples]

The best argumentative essay is one that has a hook good enough to draw a professor’s attention to a written work. Your intention should be to immerse them into an “aha” moment that naturally gets them to read the rest of the paper. And if you can do this even for topics that evoke controversial … Read more

argumentative essays types

3 Types of Argumentative Essays and Their Significance

It’s important to learn and master the different types of argumentative essays before you write one. By doing so, you’ll construct solid arguments easily without evoking anger or resentment from instructors who’re unlikely to agree with the position you hold.  Remember, the purpose of an argument is to present reasonable conclusions to persuade your reader … Read more

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step-by-Step

In this guide, we show you exactly how to write an argumentative essay, step-by-step. Whether you’re in your last minute or you still have time, this post should get you from a completely blank page to a fully comprehensive argument. To write a solid essay that falls into this category, you should understand the purpose … Read more

title for argumentative essay

How to Title an Argumentative Essay: 7 Tips for Better Results

An argumentative essay title is the first thing that meets the eyes of a reader. Write it well and you stand the chance to grab their attention right from the start. Get it wrong and you lose them altogether. We’ve written this guide to show you exactly how to write titles that grab attention, even … Read more

psychology argumentative essay topics and ideas

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics: 30+ Interesting Ideas

The best psychology argumentative essay topics are the ones that challenge pre-existing beliefs, stimulate intellectual debates, and analyze the understanding of the human mind. For example, you can focus your essay on: Given just how wide the study of the mind and human behavior is, there’s no limit to what you can write in a … Read more

technology argumentative essay topics

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics: 20+ Ideas for You

Are you looking for technology argumentative essay topics but have no idea where you start? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the deal: Technology is so dynamic that it changes at a pace faster than we can keep up with. Just when we thought that ChatGPT was the greatest invention based on Large Language … Read more

abortion argumentative essay topics

Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics: 20+ Ideas to Explore

Abortion is an issue that raises hundreds of questions about physical health, emotional well-being, human rights, psychological effects, and the rule of law. For example: These are just but examples of abortion argumentative essay topics that you might come up with during brainstorming. However, brainstorming can be time-consuming, especially if you have only a few … Read more

sports argumentative essay topics

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: 30+ Ideas You Can Explore

We’ve skimmed hundreds of sports argumentative essay topics online, from doping scandals and fair play to safety regulations and athletics commercialization. And the bottom line is that there’s a lot to write about in this space. So, to develop an argument on sport, first choose a topic that you find interesting to explore within the … Read more

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50+ Music Argumentative Essay Topics Worth Your Time

Searching for music argumentative essay topics doesn’t have to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. We’ve put together a list of 50+ ideas that are worth exploring, so you don’t have to spend a lot of your time on brainstorming. Scan the list, pick a topic you find interesting, conduct preliminary research, … Read more