Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: 30+ Ideas You Can Explore

We’ve skimmed hundreds of sports argumentative essay topics online, from doping scandals and fair play to safety regulations and athletics commercialization. And the bottom line is that there’s a lot to write about in this space.

So, to develop an argument on sport, first choose a topic that you find interesting to explore within the scope of the assignment. Specifically, settle for a topic that allows you to broaden your perspective, challenge pre-existing perception, and provoke new thoughts.

To make the topic research phase easier for you, this post includes 30+ sports ideas that you can explore in your argumentative essay.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick a topic on a sports theme that you find interesting to explore. It’s easier to argue for and bring up new thoughts on a topic you understand than something you don’t.
  • Your topic should be relevant, debatable, and have sufficient sources to warrant further investigation.
  • Avoid too broad or too narrow topics. Ensure your choice is specific enough to fit the scope of the assignment. 

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30+ Sports Argumentative Essay Topics to Explore

The following are some sports argumentative essay topics that you might find interesting enough to explore:

American Football Essay Topics

The American Football is one of the sports that bring people from different lifestyles together. Of course, it has its advantages and a fair share of drawbacks. From expensive sports equipment and infrastructure cost to meniscus tears and hamstring injuries, there’s no limit to what you can write about this sports. Here are some debatable topics ideas:

  1. Is the use of provocative advertising on players’ uniforms in American football justified?
  2. Should American football players have an active health insurance coverage?
  3. Is there a need for an age restriction to participate in American football?
  4. Is the high risk of player injuries sufficient reason to consider banning American football?
  5. Is the NFL taking adequate measures to address racial inequality and social justice issues within the sport and among its fan base?
  6. Should college football players receive compensation for their performance?
  7. Does the culture of toxic masculinity in American football contribute to harmful stereotypes and behaviors among athletes and fans?
  8. Should the Super Bowl halftime show serve as a platform for social and political commentary?

Basketball Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you a basketball fan who can write a comprehensive essay on nearly everything about the sport? Here are some topic ideas to consider:

  1. Collegiate basketball players should receive compensation for their participation.
  2. Should schools prioritize the development of women’s basketball?
  3. The use of performance-enhancing substances, such as steroids, must be illegal in basketball across all levels.
  4. Is the National Basketball Association draft system equitable for all players?
  5. Is it permissible for high school basketball players to bypass college and enter the NBA directly?
  6. Does the NBA carry a responsibility to address issues of social justice, such as racial inequality and police misconduct?

Summer Sports Essay Topics

Summer sports are great for bringing people of similar interests together during the hot season. The physical activities and games linked to the season often require resilience. Even the sports itself raises so many interesting questions you could argue about. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. Should educational institutions extend financial support to summer camps for a well-rounded experience?
  2. Is it time to bid farewell to the NBA summer league and explore new avenues for growth?
  3. Explore the merit of a complete ban on alcohol consumption during the Tour de France.
  4. Is Nike the unrivaled producer of sportswear for scorching summer days?
  5. Does an athlete’s perception of their coach differ based on the coach’s communication style in team sports?

Winter Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Playing on snow or ice is a great way to connect with friends and loved ones. However, it also raises issues such as safety, psychological resilience, and body response to cold. Here are some argumentative essay topics that you can explore under the winter sports theme:

  1. Are more snowboarding tourists coming to the US thanks to The Winter Dew Tour?
  2. Is it possible to carry out jumps from the springboard when there is a lot of snow?
  3. Do many think North Korea has replicated the idea of ​​the Pyongyang Winter Olympics show?
  4. Do winter clothing stores continue to thrive and expand during the crisis?
  5. Is there a correlation between snow quality and injuries in snowboarding?
  6. Can virtual reality technology be effective in enhancing training for downhill skiing?
  7. Does equipment design play a role in reducing injuries in ice hockey?

Essay Topics on National Basketball Association (NBA)

  1. Did specific factors prevent Ralph Sampson from becoming the gamer of the century?
  2. Is the WNBA less popular than the NBA, and are the salaries of the two associations significantly different?
  3. Are NBA All-Star matches more fun to watch than Super Bowl events?
  4. Is there a debate surrounding the enforcement of player conduct policies in the NBA?
  5. Does the NBA exploit young athletes by requiring them to complete one year of college before entering the league?
  6. Does the NBA play a significant role in promoting basketball internationally compared to domestically?
  7. Should the NBA allow players to express their political and social views during games and on social media?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics about National Football League

  1. Does the Super Bowl have a remarkably productive marketing strategy?
  2. Does the NFL allow concussions without providing relief for injured players?
  3. Does the NFL have a responsibility for player safety and concussion protocols?
  4. Is there a debate over the national anthem and NFL players’ rights to protest?
  5. Is a salary cap in the NFL necessary for fairness among teams?
  6. Is there a need for increased diversity in the NFL through a minimum number of minority coaches and executives?
  7. Is the future of instant replay in the NFL uncertain and will it have an impact on the game?

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