Argumentative Essay Topic Sentence: Definition & Tips to Write

In this guide, we show you exactly how to write a good topic sentence for your argumentative essay. You learn what it is, why it’s important, as well as the right way to include it in your work.

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Key Takeaways

  • Every paragraph in your essay needs to have a topic sentence, which serves as an introduction to the idea or argument you intend to present in that specific paragraph.
  • Good topic sentences are clear, reasonable, and coherent.
  • Some topic sentences can include new information, helping you to present arguments that stand out.
  • While topic sentences can be personal opinions, you must support them with solid information to make your writing convincing.

What is a Topic Sentence in an Argumentative Essay?

A topic sentence in an argument is the opening statement for every paragraph in your essay. It expresses a clear idea of what the paragraph cover, and therefore it should be vast enough to support different unique subtopics in its specific paragraph.

Don’t confuse a topic sentence with a thesis statement. A thesis is the central theme of the work. In other words, it’s a reflection of what you intend to argue in the rest of the work. A topic sentence, on the other hand, introduces a new idea in every paragraph followed by an explanation and a closing link that lead to the next consecutive paragraph.

What is the Purpose of a Topic Sentence?

The purpose of a topic sentence is to make the idea of the main paragraph clearer and sensible. Also, it joins sentences of that specific paragraph, backs up the claims made, explains the content of the paragraph, and claims the mini thesis.

9 Tips for Writing Topic Sentences for an Argumentative Essay

Below are 9 tips to help you write a captivating topic sentence for your argumentative essay:

1. Focus on Engagement

Start your paragraphs with sentences that draw your readers into the essay. Present information in a manner that communicates a higher level of originality, as new information tends to capture attention fast.

2. Position Your Sentences Strategically

It’s common practice to place the topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. However, don’t hesitate to be flexible with this approach.

For example, you can position the sentence after an intriguing hook in the opening paragraph to captivate your reader’s interest and encourage further reading.

3. Use Transition Words

Add transitional words such as “another,” “although,” or “even though” to introduce new paragraphs or supporting ideas in your argument.

4. Construct Compound and Complex Sentences

Enhance the uniqueness of your topic sentences by introducing compound and complex structures.

  • For compound sentences, combine two independent clauses with a comma and conjunction.
  • For complex sentences, integrate independent and subordinate clauses with a comma and subordinating conjunction.

5. Articulate Your Main Idea with Brevity and Clarity

Begin each paragraph with a concise, straightforward sentence, making sure you avoid unnecessary words that hinder clarity.

Ensure the sentence contains the central idea and theme of the paragraph, steering clear of introductory statements like “Today we are going to discuss…”

Furthermore, make your topic sentences specific and direct so that you can convey the purpose of your argumentative essay without ambiguity. Short sentences maintain the paragraph’s flow and clarify your intentions effectively.

6. Use a Topic Sentence as a Transition

You can use topic sentences as transition points between arguments within your essays. This helps readers to stay glued to your writing, particularly to the points you wish to make. 

7. Find a Balance between Specifics and General Concepts

Ensure your topic sentence aligns with the thesis statement, easily striking a balance between specificity and generality.

Avoid overly broad or narrow statements. Rather, engage readers by incorporating descriptive elements like characterizations and emotions, while steering clear of rhetorical questions.

8. Support Your Claims with Sound Reasoning

Write topic sentences that present ideas supported by concrete evidence. While you can include opinions in your writing, ensure that you substantiate them in the following paragraph.

Consider incorporating your perspective when necessary, as long as you provide reasoned assertions rather than solely relying on factual statements.

  • For example, instead of stating “All patients need treatment,” offer a nuanced perspective such as, “All patients require consistent care, including access to essential provisions like food, water, and attentive nursing.”

How Do I Write an Argumentative Essay?

You can write an argumentative essay in one sitting if you have the time to get the work done. You have to choose a topic to explore, conduct in-depth research, create a comprehensive outline to organize your thoughts in a logical structure, write the essay, and finalize by editing.

How long it takes to complete writing depends on the complexity of the topic. However, it should take you no more than 72 hours to complete a standard essay assuming you’re writing in bits.

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