Are Essay Writing Services Legit? What You Should Know

If you search for write my argumentative essay for me on Google, the search engine will return more 1 billion global searches for the phrase. However, more options doesn’t mean better when you have to trust someone with your wallet. So are essay writing services even legit in the first place?

It’s hard to tell if essay writing services are legit unless you try them out. The last mistake you want to make is to take your chances. So it’s important to do your research first before you settle for an online writing service.

The safest way to get an essay written and submitted on time is to write it yourself. However, if you don’t have enough time to spare, you should look for a legit writing service that guarantees quality work and timely delivery. 

How to Find a Legit Essay Writing Service

Here is how you find a legit essay writing service, step-by-step:

1. Find a Website Run by Real People

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of academic writing websites out there. In theory, they all promise three things: quality work, timely delivery, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll be shocked to learn that some websites aren’t even active.

So start your search early, and take your time to find a good company that can help you to write your essay fast. 

  • Check if the site has an “about us” page. If they do, read the page to learn more about them.
  • Go to their blog section and check the date of their last entry. That’s a way to determine whether the platform is still in the writing business.

2. Read Reviews

The next step is to read customer reviews about the site.

Don’t focus on the reviews on the site, as testimonials are very easy to make up these days. Instead, go to platforms such as Site Jabber and Trust Pilot, check if there are past customer feedback, and use that information to decide whether to work with the service or otherwise.

The review elements to look at are:

  • Service: Have past clients said many positive things about the company? Or are there red flags surrounding the writing service?
  • Value: Can the writing agency guarantee that they’ll give you the best value for your money? Or should you look elsewhere instead?
  • Shipping: Does the essay writing service put more focus on timely delivery? Or, are there clients who’ve complained about delayed essays?
  • Returns: How many customers complained about badly written papers not getting revisions? Are there student clients who complained about delayed refunds?
  • Quality: Does the company write good essays? Or do the reviews suggest that the service doesn’t walk the talk?

3. Chat with Customer Support

Reading reviews is a good second step, but it’s not enough. Remember, you’re looking forward to trusting someone with your wallet and time.

Therefore, you want nothing more than the assurance that they won’t shortchange you along the way.

So the next thing you need to do is to chat with customer support and see how fast they respond.

If you’re on an active site, you should get a response in 2 to 5 minutes give or take. However, if you find that you have to wait for longer, look for an alternative option.

4. Ask for Samples

If you’re satisfied that that the customer support of the writing service is solid, go ahead and ask them to share some samples of their work. These samples should help you gauge the quality of their work before you place your order.

5. Check Terms and Conditions of Service 

Check if the website has terms and conditions of service page. The information in that page is important because it lets you know exactly how the service works. You should also check the privacy policy page to learn how the service handles your personal information. Never use a writing service that doesn’t have these pages.

6. Review Customer Privacy

Your privacy is an important factor to consider when looking for an essay writing service. If the company you’ve selected can’t guarantee to keep your engagement anonymous, look past it and find another service provider.

7. Check the Pricing Structure 

Whether you’re searching for a cheap essay writing service or you just want to consider a flexible pricing structure, you should check the pricing page of the site. Doing so lets you determine whether you can place an order with the service without breaking your bank.

8. Place a Short Order

If the service you’ve selected has ticked the above boxes, place an order for a short essay and observe how they’re going to perform. You can give them a 24-hour deadline and check if they keep time and if they can deliver high quality work.

9. Review Your Essay

You should check your short essay against the assignment prompt that you provided to determine if the company you hired followed instructions.

Copy and paste the essay into a plagiarism checker to determine if it’s unique or otherwise. Remember, schools use Turnitin to detect essays for uniqueness regardless of whether you wrote it yourself or bought it online.

Also, use an AI detector such as GPT Zero to ensure the company did not use AI to write your essay. If anything, institutions are again papers generated using AI.

10. Rate the Service

It makes sense to rate the essay writing service if you found it helpful. The feedback you provide should be concise, free of bias and feelings, and easy read. Such information can help other students who need help with essay writing to determine whether the service you used is a good fit for them.

Furthermore, constructive feedback can help the essay company you used to improve their services over time, not to mention be able to reach many people in the course of time.

Ensure you publish your review on public platforms such as Trust Pilot and Site Jabber.

Final Thoughts

You can skip all these steps, stress less about searching for a reliable service, and take advantage of our writing service.

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