Argumentative Essay Topics for High School: 20+ Ideas for You

High school level essays aren’t as difficult to write. But brainstorming argumentative topics and singling out the best title to explore isn’t as straightforward.

Brainstorming is the conservative approach to finding argumentative essay topics.

Here, you get a piece of paper, write down every thought that comes to mind, and then single out the most viable idea from the list.

While brainstorming is a helpful approach to come up with high school argumentative essay topics, it takes more time than we’re willing to admit.

An easier approach, especially if you’re in the last minute rush to get your essay written, is to find a title from a pre-written list of topics. So in this post, we give you 50+ topics from which you can choose an idea to explore.

Key Takeaways

  • You should choose an arguable topic based on a theme that you find interesting or have always wanted to explore.
  • As you write, you’ll improve your skills on developing arguable claims, evaluating sources, and identifying strong evidence to support your position.
  • Ensure you choose a concise topic. That way, you’ll have an easy time conducting research and rooting your essay on solid arguments an evidence rather than made up thoughts and emotions.

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20+ High School Argumentative Essay Topics

Don’t worry if your brainstorming session hasn’t yielded the fruit of getting you the topic you need to write solid arguments.

Check out the following topic ideas for inspiration:

Technology Essay Topics for High School Level

Technology is so dynamic that array of new changes and development often come faster than we have the time to adapt. Interestingly, technology is a sophisticated area with many sub categories to explore. So if you need some topic ideas in this category for your argumentative essay, here are some examples:

  1. Social media companies should be responsible for the dissemination of false information.
  2. Are video games for young people a good or bad kind of entertainment?
  3. Is the gap between the rich and the poor growing wider because of technology?
  4. Information technology companies should be subject to stronger rules regarding the collection and use of personal data.
  5. Should tablets and laptops take the place of textbooks in schools?
  6. There should be restrictions on how law enforcement uses facial recognition technology.

Also, be sure to check our technology essay topics post for a full list of the pre-written topics.

Interesting Essay Topics on Teenagers 

Teenage years can be confusing, interesting, distressing, and overwhelming. Every human being in this age bracket goes through hormonal, physical, and psychological changes. There is a strong craving for the need to find an identity and, in a way, feel more independent. Here are some essay topics to consider for this category:

  1. Should educational institutions prioritize STEM disciplines over the arts and creative expression to ensure students’ future success?
  2. Should teens have access to contraception and services for sexual health?
  3. Is it moral for youngsters to take part in demonstrations and civil disobedience actions?
  4. Should teens hold down part-time jobs while still attending school?
  5. Is there a beneficial or bad impact of social media on the mental health and wellbeing of teenagers?
  6. Teenagers should have their own credit cards to build a credit history.

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Environment Topics Fit for Argumentative Essay

From afforestation and deforestation to protecting wildlife and promoting diversity, there is more to the environment than meets the eyes. Mostly, the focus is on enhancing a healthy surrounding and maintaining a functional ecosystem. The following are some good topics for an essay on environment.

  1. Is deforestation a major cause of climate change?
  2. Should governments impose stringent rules on businesses to lower their carbon footprint?
  3. Does nuclear energy constitute a substantial environmental risk or is it a practical solution to the world’s energy needs?
  4. The government in every country should ban the use of plastic bags to protect wildlife and lessen pollution.
  5. We should not push people towards a plant-based diet in order to lessen the carbon emissions brought on by the meat industry.
  6. The government should impose carbon tax on people and businesses to motivate them to lower their carbon emissions.
  7. Should governments increase their spending on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy?

Check out our post on environment argumentative ideas for a full list of the topics we’ve found so far in the category.

Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

You wake up every morning during school seasons to catch up with a schedule pre-determined for you. For the next four years or so, this schedule is going to be a part of your lifestyle. You might as well have something to write about it in an argumentative essay. So, here are some topics to get you started:

  1. Employers should not have the right to set a minimum degree requirement for entry-level positions.
  2. Should schools prioritize STEM education above the liberal arts and humanities?
  3. Graduation should NOT necessitate completion of community service.
  4. There is no such thing as unfair stereotypes about community colleges.
  5. Does conventional education satisfy the demands of contemporary society?
  6. Should a high school diploma include a requirement for financial literacy?
  7. Is it appropriate for secondary students to have wider access to school vouchers?
  8. Should a degree obtained online be worth less than one from a conventional university?

Be sure to check our full list of education argumentative essay topics, so you can have multiple options to cut your brainstorming session to zero.

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