Best Argumentative Essay Topics: 50+ Examples and Ideas

Every argumentative essay assignment requires you to do four things:

  • Pick a topic.
  • Conduct preliminary research.
  • Choose a stance
  • Use evidence and reason to support your position.

Unfortunately, the best topics aren’t always easy to come by, especially if you’re relying only on brainstorming to figure out ideas.

So, we’ve put together a list of 50+ argumentative essay topics across different themes to help you make the topic selection phrase less strenuous.

You can use this list as an inspiration to develop your own idea or choose one topic from it to inform your essay.

Key Takeaways

  • You should choose an argumentative essay topic on a theme you find interesting to explore.
  • As best as the topic is, it should be open for debate, as argumentative essay writing requires you to address both side of an issue.
  • The topic you select should favor your side of the argument, or you risk losing important points and failing to get an A.
  • Ensure you read the assignment prompt to understand what your teacher expects to see in your writing.

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50+ Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some interesting argumentative essay topics that you might find interesting to explore:

Controversial Topics

While some things sound and appear normal, some issues spark controversy because they arouse different emotions and perspective. So if your teacher has asked you to write an essay that evokes a controversial debate, here are some topics to get you started:

  1. The concept of God plays a fundamental role in shaping human existence because it has guiding moral values. 
  2. Educators should incorporate religious studies as a compulsory subject in schools.
  3. The freedom to practice one’s religion should take precedence over the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.
  4. Atheism is merely a rejection of the belief in a divine presence.
  5. Elected officials should not have the right to draw upon their religious beliefs when constructing public policies.
  6. Is it morally acceptable for religious organizations to dispatch missionaries to foreign countries?

Essay Topics for High School Level

It’s highly likely that you can take part in healthy debates at high school level. However, you may find the topic selection stage incredibly challenging. So check out the following ideas to save time on brainstorming:

  1. Should parents allow kids to have their own credit cards to build their credit history at a young age? 
  2. Education institutions should not prioritize STEM over creative expression of a student’s future.
  3. Should teens have access to education on contraception and sexual health early in their course? 
  4. Parents and teachers should discourage teenagers from taking part in demonstrations and civil disobedience actions.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with teens holding down part-time jobs while still attending school.

You can check out our post on high school argumentative essay topic for a full list of useful ideas.

History Argumentative Essay Topics

Students study history to build a better understanding of the current world based on where we’ve been. Given how wide the subject is, from Cold War and World War II to the Great Depression and everything in between, there is more to explore that already written books haven’t told.

Here are some interesting topics that you can cover if your teacher has asked you to write an argumentative essay on history.

  1. Was the Cold War solely a result of ideological differences between the United States and the Soviet Union?
  2. Confucianism was the primary driver in shaping Chinese culture and society.
  3. Was the fall of the Berlin Wall the definitive moment in reshaping world history?
  4. Did the Age of Exploration truly have a transformative impact on global trade and commerce?
  5. Has the spread of Christianity had a more positive or negative influence on world history?
  6. Was the Renaissance primarily a European phenomenon with limited global effect, or did it have broader implications worldwide?
  7. Did European imperialism bring more harm than benefit to Africa and Asia through exploitation?
  8. Did the rise and fall of the Aztec and Inca Empires follow predictable patterns influenced by internal dynamics?
  9. Did European exploration and colonization irreversibly damage Native American societies?
  10. Did the Mongol Empire leave a lasting impact on world history through its conquests, cultural exchanges, and administrative innovations?

We have a full list of history argumentative essay topics. Be sure to check that out if you need more ideas.

Best Social Media Topics

The launch of Facebook in 2003 changed the way people interact. Over time, we’ve made friends we wouldn’t have and equally lost the human-to-human bond in real life.

Whether social media is a good or bad thing is subject to debate, and there are many topic ideas that you can explore in this area. The following are just some few examples:

  1. Is the blue tick on Twitter required if you want to have a prominent business account?
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  3. Do social media platforms expand or restrict democracy?
  4. Students under the age of 18 should not have social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Do you believe that social media platforms created in China and the US are at odds with one another?
  6. Has social media destroyed the real meaning of human connection since the launch of Facebook?
  7. Facebook creates a better platform for company, organization, and business advertisements.

For more topic ideas on the same, see our social media essay topics post, which has 50+ titles.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

From royalty compensations and the rise of online music streaming services to copyright infringement and everything in between, here are examples of music essay topics for your argumentative project:

  1. Should the government place a complete ban on explicit music lyrics and music videos?
  2. There is no evidence that music instruction crucial for kids’ general growth.
  3. Does streaming technologies benefit or hurt the music business?
  4. Performers should not utilize their platforms to speak out on social and political issues.
  5. Should safety and environmental requirements be set for music festivals?
  6. Is live music more significant and true to its origins than recorded music?
  7. Does music reflect social and cultural change or act as a force for it?
  8. Is it morally required of musicians to use their platform to promote social and political change?
  9. Parents should have the right and responsibility to decide what music their kids listen to everyday.

Animal Argumentative Essay Topics

There is so much to talk about when we think about animals. Given how vast the category is, you can come up with many topic ideas for your essay assignment. Here are some examples:

  1. The government should ban people from buying and keeping wild animals as pets.
  2. There is no evidence that zoos benefit the animals they house.
  3. Are critically endangered species about to disappear from the food chain and web?
  4. Animal abusers should undergo a series of punishment for their actions for disrupting our ecosystem.
  5. Should there be stricter regulations against animal abuse?

Be sure to check our full list of animal essay topics for more ideas in case you need more suggestions.

Video Games Essay Topics

Video games have had good and bad reputation and their target market continue to expand faster than we can imagine. You can come up with hundreds of topics in this category. Here are just some examples to get you started: 

  1. Video games can enhance spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.
  2. Is there any concrete evidence that video games encourage young people to lead sedentary lives?
  3. Can playing video games help you get better at solving problems?
  4. Playing violent video games make gamers more likely to act aggressively.
  5. Do violent video games paired with other risk factors make players more likely to act aggressively?
  6. Young to video games affect how children develop their social and cognitive abilities.
  7. Does a child’s early involvement in video games affect how aggressive they become?

Check out video games essay topics if you need more ideas for the ideation stage.

Middle School Essay Topics

Unless you’ve lived under a rock and skipped middle school, you know that students in this education bracket can argue and debate articulately. While it’s important to ensure discipline, respect, and organization for students at this level, topic selection is the first thing to consider.

The following are some unique ideas to get started:

  1. Do you believe that assigning homework should be mandatory, voluntary, or never?
  2. Should schools introduce clothing codes or should students be free to wear what they want?
  3. Is year-round education a wise choice for slow learners?
  4. Should all students be required to take part in athletics or should teachers encourage students to work on their talents?
  5. Do you believe that schools ought to outlaw junk food in their cafeterias?
  6. Schools should not force students to volunteer in the community program but instead make the program voluntary.

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Funny Topics for Argumentative Essay

Your teacher is going to grade as many essays as the number of students in your classroom. Sometimes to stand the chance to grab their attention and possibly bump up your grades, you have to choose a humorous topic that can make them laugh.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  1. Does smoking help to boost social interaction among peers?
  2. Online dating and smartphone romance apps have completely wiped out the desire for actual romance.
  3. Fast food chains shouldn’t target youngsters with their advertising.
  4. Would a world without religion be a better place?
  5. Is organic food in any way superior or is it merely a marketing ploy?
  6. Are disagreements required for partnerships to be healthy?

Death Penalty Topics

There’s nothing scarier on the planet than someone’s life hanging in the balance behind bars. It gets even doomier if death penalty is involved in the final judgment.

The issue on capital punishment is one packed with controversy and division. Thus, it’s such a sensitive and equally interesting area to explore. Here are some topic ideas to get you started.

  1. Is the death penalty primarily an act of revenge rather than a form of punishment?
  2. Does the death penalty have a positive impact on crime rates?
  3. Can capital punishment help save funds spent on maintaining imprisoned individuals?
  4. Is there a solution to the problem of potentially executing innocent individuals in death penalty cases?
  5. Does the death penalty have a place within the religious context?
  6. Lifetime imprisonment is a more suitable punishment for criminals compared to the death penalty.
  7. Is it better to keep ten criminals alive than to risk executing one innocent person?

Artificial Intelligence Topics

Artificial intelligence may have become such a hype lately, but the theoretical and practical concepts of the technology have been around for decades. AI mimics human intelligence, and, if applied responsibly, can enhance productivity in different sectors.

Check out the following artificial intelligence topics to kick-start your writing project if you’ve chosen to focus on artificial intelligence:

  1. Will prediction or judgment have a more significant impact in the realm of artificial intelligence?
  2. Can artificial intelligence and machine learning affect the design of markets?
  3. Is there a correlation between artificial intelligence and the invention of modern-day computers and programming languages?
  4. Can artificial intelligence be both a positive and negative factor in global risk?
  5. Does artificial intelligence intersect with the legal framework, particularly in the context of correctness and the General Data Protection Regulation?
  6. Can you compare two predictive models of artificial intelligence?

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