Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics: 20+ Ideas For You

Controversial argumentative essay topics often evoke heated debates, varying opinions, and sharp disagreements. But they can equally prompt passionate discussion about themes that touch the very heart of our lives.

As long as you can convince your reader(s) that your position on a controversial issue is more reasonable, they’ll have an open mind regardless of their stand on the topic. At the same time, you’ll enhance your writing skills, as exploring a controversial issue allows you to engage with and explore complex issues without sounding seemingly offensive and defensive.

In this post, we list some of the most controversial argumentative essay topics from which you can construct a title to explore. Just keep in mind that you should be more open-minded when exploring such topics, as well as to mind the language you use because sounding provocative isn’t welcome in essay writing.

Key Takeaways

  • You can choose any controversial topic to argue about, but it’s easier to write on a theme that you find truly intriguing. If the topic makes you want to speak up, it’s a prime choice to explore.
  • If you find more than one topic worth exploring, go with the one that you find most interesting and controversial at the same time.
  • You should do preliminary research before you settle on a topic, as that’s the only way to determine whether there are sufficient sources to back up your writing.

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50+ Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some of the most controversial topics that you can

Racism Essay Topics

  1. Is there racial discrimination against property rights and the process of reconstruction?
  2. Is learning about other cultures and languages important for fostering global understanding?
  3. Do existing laws effectively guard against racially offensive material on the internet?
  4. Can you explain the concepts of ethnos, people, and nationality?
  5. Do you believe racism will ever completely disappear from society?
  6. Can religions be a cause of racism, or are they unrelated?

Global Warming Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Does climate change have a significant impact on international security and geopolitical relations?
  2. Is global warming a result of deliberate financial manipulation, or is it a genuine environmental concern?
  3. Are market-based approaches effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  4. Does climate change denial and skepticism have an impact on policy and public opinion?
  5. Will the oil and gas industry survive in the face of increasing climate awareness?
  6. Is there an urgent need for immediate action to mitigate the impact of climate change?
  7. Does climate change have a significant impact on global economic stability and development?
  8. Do developed countries have a responsibility in addressing climate change and supporting adaptation efforts in developing countries?
  9. Are there ethical implications associated with climate change, especially concerning its disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations?

Controversial Abortion Essay Topics

  1. Do the ethical implications of abortion revolve around examining the moral and philosophical aspects surrounding the right to life?
  2. Is it essential to analyze the impact of restricting or protecting women’s body autonomy in the context of reproductive health to understand abortion?
  3. Does religion play a significant role in influencing attitudes towards abortion, and does it have implications for a secular society?
  4. It is necessary to explore the psychological consequences of women who undergo abortions.
  5. Is it crucial to examine the rights and moral status of the fetus and the balance between protecting fetal interests and a woman’s right?
  6. Is there a relationship between abortion rates and social and economic factors, such as poverty, access to healthcare, and education?
  7. We should analyze the broader societal consequences of abortion, including demographic trends, and family structures.
  8. Should we consider the perspectives and responsibilities of men in the abortion decision-making process?
  9. Are there ethical considerations for healthcare professionals in the context of abortion and medical ethics?

Controversial Religion Essay Topics

  1. Is the idea of God essential to human existence, morality and ethical conduct?
  2. Teachers should make religious studies a mandatory subject in all schools and classes.
  3. Is a person’s right to practice their religion more essential than the rights of the LGBTQ+ community?
  4. Is atheism a legitimate philosophy or simply a denial of the existence of God?
  5. Elected officials should have the right to use their religious convictions to shape public policy.
  6. Is there any religious organization or existences without the idea of heaven and hell?
  7. Is it morally right for religious organizations to send missionaries abroad?
  8. The allegations of sexual abuse and wrongdoing at religious institutions result in their accountability. 
  9. Is the concept of religious plurality a workable way to resolve religious disputes and tensions?
  10. Should rules governing freedom of expression provide protection for religious ceremonies?

Controversial Health Essay Topics

  1. Do those who are homeless receive free medical care just because they are unable to afford it?
  2. There is a strong correlation between poverty and poor health.
  3. Healthcare facilities should treat everyone equally, including those without health insurance.
  4. Should the government intervene to prevent unanticipated mistakes in healthcare settings?
  5. Doctors should not recommend medicinal products to patients until their usefulness and safety are clear.

Controversial Law Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is law enforcement effective in maintaining public safety and enforcing the law?
  2. Should there be stricter ethical and legal considerations governing the use of force by law enforcement?
  3. Does community policing significantly improve police-community relations and reduce crime?
  4. Do body-worn cameras enhance police accountability and transparency?
  5. Are there significant legal and ethical concerns related to racial profiling and bias in law enforcement?
  6. Are the use of informants and undercover operations in law enforcement investigations justified?
  7. Are data-driven approaches to policing effective in reducing crime?

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