30+ History Argumentative Essay Topics to Explore in 2023

History conveys the diversity and richness of human culture, subjects, and places in much more depth than any other discipline ever can. The immense number of documentations, from the age of stone tools to the present time, shows just how vast the history of the human race is.

Given its depth and context, History is such an interesting subject to explore in written papers, particularly in an argumentative essay. Often, the first step is to create a list of potential topics to explore, from which you can single out an idea to focus your essay.

In this post, we list at least 50 argumentative essay topics from which you can find a title to focus your research and ultimately write an argumentative essay around.

Key Takeaways

  • Your choice of topic should be on a historical theme that you find interesting to explore but within the scope of the assignment’s instructions.
  • Pick a topic that’s neither too broad nor too narrow. The more specific the topic is, the easier it is to write and the more sense it will make.
  • As this is an argumentative essay, the topic you choose should allow for debate. Only don’t pick a topic whose counterargument can easily weaken your position.

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30+ History Argumentative Essay Topics

The following are some interesting history argumentative essay topics worth exploring:

General History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Was Apartheid in South Africa solely responsible for the country’s racial divisions and inequalities?
  2. Did the Reconstruction era effectively address the systemic issues faced by the American South after the Civil War?
  3. Were Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party solely to blame for the rise of fascism in Germany?
  4. Did the Renaissance significantly transform European culture and society?
  5. Was the fall of the Roman Empire primarily due to internal or external factors?
  6. Did the Great Depression have a lasting impact on both the United States and the world?
  7. Did imperialism have a predominantly negative impact on African and Asian countries?
  8. Did women play a significant role in the American Revolution?
  9. Was the Cuban Missile Crisis a result of miscalculation and miscommunication between the United States and the Soviet Union?
  10. Did the Scientific Revolution have a transformative impact on Western society and culture?

World History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is the Cold War solely a result of ideological differences between the United States and the Soviet Union?
  2. Did Confucianism significantly shape Chinese culture and society thus affecting social structure, education, and ethical values?
  3. Can the impact of Ancient Greece on Western civilization be overstated, considering its contributions in areas such as philosophy, democracy, and artistic achievements?
  4. Was the fall of the Berlin Wall the defining moment in reshaping world history?
  5. Did the Age of Exploration have a transformative impact on global trade and commerce?
  6. Has the spread of Christianity had a more positive or negative influence on world history?
  7. Was the Renaissance primarily a European phenomenon with limited global affect, or did it have broader implications for art, science, and humanistic thought worldwide?
  8. Did European imperialism bring more harm than benefit to Africa and Asia through exploitation, cultural disruption, and long-lasting economic and political consequences?
  9. Can the Arab-Israeli conflict ever be fully resolved, or are there deep-rooted historical, religious, and territorial disputes that make a lasting solution elusive?
  10. Did the rise and fall of the Aztec and Inca Empires follow predictable patterns influenced by internal dynamics, external pressures, and encounters with European colonizers?
  11. Did European exploration and colonization irreversibly damage Native American societies?
  12. Did the Mongol Empire leave a lasting impact on world history through its conquests, cultural exchanges, and administrative innovations?

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Has the Supreme Court’s role in American society undergone significant changes over time?
  2. Did the civil rights movement have a profound impact on American music and popular culture?
  3. Were there clear reasons for American involvement in World War I, and did it lead to significant consequences?
  4. Has the internet and social media had a notable impact on American politics?
  5. Was the Watergate scandal a pivotal event in American political history?
  6. Did the civil rights movement bring about transformative changes in American society?
  7. Did the presidency of Ronald Reagan have a lasting impact on American politics?
  8. Has American capitalism undergone significant changes over the past century?
  9. Did the Great Depression have a profound impact on American society?
  10. Was the American frontier of significant importance in shaping American society?

Easy History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. To what extent has the United States taken concrete measures to preserve Native American culture?
  2. Has the increased presence of women in politics resulted in substantial transformations within the political sphere?
  3. Do events occurring within the United States exert a significant influence on global affairs?
  4. Did the industrial revolution bring about permanent and profound changes to the American way of life? 
  5. Does the United States effectively maintain a clear separation between church and state as outlined in its constitutional principles?
  6. Does a change in the ruling political party directly and noticeably affect society?
  7. Was the fight for freedom from slavery successful in permanently eradicating its effects?
  8. Does the United States’ powerful economy stand superior to other global powers like China and Russia? 
  9. Can we consider the road to women’s rights in the United States a significant and transformative journey?

Final Thoughts

We hope the list above gives you a clear picture of what a good topic on history look like. When someone reads the title of your essay, he or she should know immediately that your intension was to investigate a historical event, person, place, or issue.

Of course, some of these topics may evoke emotion and lead to controversial debates, but they’re all interesting nonetheless.

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