50+ Music Argumentative Essay Topics Worth Your Time

Searching for music argumentative essay topics doesn’t have to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We’ve put together a list of 50+ ideas that are worth exploring, so you don’t have to spend a lot of your time on brainstorming.

Scan the list, pick a topic you find interesting, conduct preliminary research, pick a stance, and use your findings to write an argumentative essay.

Key Takeaways

  • Since it’s up to you to decide what topic to write about, we strongly recommend that you choose a topic you find interesting to explore.
  • Your music essay topic shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow. Instead, it should be concise and subject to debate.
  • Conduct some preliminary research to determine if the topic has sufficient sources for reference, as you’ll need evidence to back up your claims and support your position.

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50+ Best Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Music means different things depending on whom you ask.

To some people, music is a means of meditation through which they cure depression, ease worries, eliminate pain, and relax more. To others, music is a lifestyle without which human existence would be a tad boring.

However, music isn’t just about beats and lyrics. Given its vastness, there’s a wide range of topics that you can explore in your essay. Here are some ideas: 

Easy Music Argumentative Essay Topics

There will be times when the best argumentative essay topics on music don’t come to mind that easily. So if you’ve tried brainstorming ideas but you have come out empty, you might find the following topics interesting:

  1. Should we censor or restrict explicit lyrics in music based on specific audiences?
  2. Is music education crucial for the overall development of children?
  3. Is streaming technology detrimental or beneficial to the music industry?
  4. Should musicians utilize their platforms to address political and social issues?
  5. Is the music industry guilty of exploiting and underpaying artists?
  6. Does music contribute to gender and racial equality, or does it hinder progress?
  7. Should classical music strive to be more inclusive and accessible to diverse audiences?
  8. Is copyright law a protector or a limitation on musical creativity?
  9. Does music reflect societal changes or actively contribute to them?
  10. Should music competitions and awards prioritize technical proficiency or also consider creativity and originality?
  11. Is there a moral responsibility for musicians to utilize their influence for social and political change?
  12. Is music journalism an indispensable aspect of the music industry or an outdated practice?
  13. Should the government allocate public funding to support and promote local music scenes and artists?

World Music Argumentative Essay Topics

An essay that focuses on world music should explore the musical traditions of diverse cultures around the planet. In addition to evaluating the historical and cultural significance of various practices and styles, you should examine the complex relationship between culture, music, and society.

Here are some topic ideas to cover:

  1. Are the cultural and political implications of Brazilian samba music significant?
  2. Has Jamaican reggae music evolved and influenced music globally?
  3. Does Japanese popular music blend traditional and modern elements?
  4. Does contemporary Middle Eastern music fuse Western and Arabic influences?
  5. Does traditional Australian Aboriginal music hold cultural significance?

Music History Essay Topics

You can argue about the evolution of music from perspectives such as cultural, social, and technological viewpoints. Such essays often delve into the impact of music on culture and society and human response to the technological advancements in music.

Here are some ideas that you might find interesting to explore in your essay: 

  1. Does protest music hold significant political and social importance in the United States?
  2. Has country music developed and made an impact in the United States?
  3. Has classical music evolved in Europe from the medieval period to present day?
  4. Has music played a role in shaping and reflecting political movements throughout history?
  5. Does traditional music hold cultural significance in various regions of the world?

Hip-hop Music Essay Topics

Hip-hop music means different things depending on whom you talk to or ask. To some, Hip-hop is an educational music genre from which we can learn important lessons about life. To others, Hip-hop is the channel through which we learn about cultural issues such as racism and sexism.

Here are some topic ideas that you might find interesting to explore in your argumentative essay:

  1. Is clothing important for the hip-hop music style?
  2. Is there a difference between old school rap and modern hip-hop?
  3. Can hip-hop music help overcome insecurities and low self-esteem?
  4. Does hip-hop music have a specific origin and history?
  5. Can commercial success coexist with staying true to the culture of hip-hop?
  6. Did hip-hop music originate and exert influence on other genres?
  7. Does hip-hop music have socio-political foundations?
  8. Did hip hop shape the youth of the 90s in the United States?

General Music Essay Topics

The following are some general music essay topics from which you might find an interesting idea to explore in your assignment:

  1. Do we tend to automatically emulate and replicate the music we hear, even if it doesn’t align with our personal style or preferences?
  2. Should radio stations take the initiative to prohibit performers who consistently produce music with negative and aggressive lyrics?
  3. Is there a specific pathway that aspiring musicians should follow to initiate and establish a successful career?
  4. Does the phenomenon of K-Pop contribute to fostering gender equality among both female and male performers?
  5. Is there observable evidence to suggest that flowers and plants demonstrate varying reactions and responses to specific styles or genres of music?
  6. Is the significance and impact of playing the guitar on par for both male and female performers, irrespective of gender?
  7. Does the utilization of streaming services for music consumption contribute to supporting and benefiting the livelihoods of artists?
  8. Is the significance and prominence of rap music in contemporary society becoming excessively overrated or overemphasized?

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