Technology Argumentative Essay Topics: 20+ Ideas for You

Are you looking for technology argumentative essay topics but have no idea where you start? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the deal:

Technology is so dynamic that it changes at a pace faster than we can keep up with.

Just when we thought that ChatGPT was the greatest invention based on Large Language Models, Google pops up with Bard. As if that’s not enough, Meta recently released Threads, a direct rival to Elon Musk’s Twitter that hit 100 million users just five days after launch.

There are many more examples than we have the space to mention, but the point is there’s a lot to explore in the tech space now than ever before.

So when it comes to an argumentative essay assignment about technology, you shouldn’t be short on the topic ideas that you can cover. However, just in case you can’t get through the brainstorming stage well, check out the topics below and pick what you find interesting to explore within the scope of the assignment brief.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider a topic that falls within your personal interest but make sure it’s open for debate.
  • Ensure you choose a side and make claims that you can easily support with reason and evidence throughout the essay.
  • The topic you choose should have enough sources to back up your argument.

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Best Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

The following is a list of the best technology argumentative essay ideas from which you can choose a topic to explore if you haven’t found one already:

Technology Development Topics

  1. Is it necessary to establish public/legal regulations for the advancement of technology?
  2. Will the progression of Artificial Intelligence ultimately prove advantageous or detrimental to humanity?
  3. Is it justifiable for the state to allocate resources towards space exploration?
  4. Should we advisable humans to embark on the colonization of other planets?
  5. Could a future emerge where humans and technology converge into a state of singularity?
  6. Is it reasonable for the state to invest in the development of new weaponry and warfare technologies?

General Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Should communication regulators ban social media platforms from collecting users’ data?
  2. Is there a need for a strict ban on cell phones in vehicles?
  3. Has the internet made society better in terms of facilitating communication, access to information, and socioeconomic development?
  4. Should parents actively limit screen time for children to strike a balance between technological exposure and other developmental activities?
  5. Is there a case for providing free internet access to everyone, taking into account its role in education, equality, and socioeconomic opportunities, as well as potential challenges in implementation and sustainability?
  6. Is technology contributing to increased isolation and reduced face-to-face interactions among individuals and communities?
  7. Should cyber-bullying carry legal consequences to protect individuals from online harassment?

Technology Topics About Social Media

  1. In what ways has social media affected interpersonal communication?
  2. Do social media enhance or diminish individuals’ social lives?
  3. Should the principles of “free speech” be applicable to social media posts and activities?
  4. Should children and adolescents be encouraged or discouraged from creating social media profiles?
  5. Is it appropriate to impose legal consequences for hate speech on the internet?
  6. Should law enforcement and intelligence agencies have the right to access to social media profiles?
  7. Should companies and organizations ask for and look at social media profiles to make hiring decisions?

Be sure to check out our social media argumentative essay topics for more ideas if you wish to focus on this area.

Essay Topics on Medical Technology

  1. Can computers potentially replace doctors in the future?
  2. Does technology play a role in modern medicine, particularly in addressing health issues such as Covid-19?
  3. Is it appropriate for scientists to conduct experiments involving cloning and genetic engineering for medical purposes?
  4. Is the implementation of cognitive computers like Watson a beneficial concept?
  5. Should there be any limitations on medical tests conducted on humans and animals?
  6. Should the government increase funding for practical research projects that directly provide medical assistance to individuals?

Be sure to check out our medical argumentative essay topics for more ideas if you wish to explore a topic related to technology and medicine. 

Modern Technology Essay Topics

  1. Has mobile video communication enhanced connectivity or driven social isolation?
  2. The evolution of texting: Does it enhance or hinder meaningful communication?
  3. Is Luddism a necessary rebellion against technology’s dehumanizing effects?
  4. Technology and the changing face of the leisure class: Bridging the gap or widening the divide?
  5. Are computer viruses a growing threat to privacy and security in the digital age?

Human and Technology Interaction Essay Topics

  1. How is technology influencing and shaping individuals in today’s society?
  2. Does technology have any impact on human intelligence?
  3. Explore the relationship between technology and human laziness or dependency.
  4. Analyze the transformative past and present effects of specific technologies on human practices.
  5. Technology vs. Nature: Explore the philosophical and ethical dimensions.
  6. The unintended consequences of technological solutions: Does solving one problem create another?
  7. Should the developed world prioritize the accessibility of technology worldwide?

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this list of argumentative essay topics on technology useful.

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