Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics: 50+ Interesting Ideas

I’ve read hundreds of social media argumentative essay topics online and in print. And it’s exhilarating just how useful and equally terrifying social media can be.

Just think about it:

Google+ and MySpace were big social media platforms when they launched, but Facebook beat them down to dust to become the greatest of all time in the social realm. Instagram launched Reels and YouTube added Shorts to their platform, but they haven’t been able to keep up with TikTok yet.

Interestingly, the growth of social media has brought with it issues that touch on every aspect of human lives. From cyberbullying and online dating to digital frauds and everything in between, there’s more to social media than the number of users.

So let me give you some interesting topics from which you can pick an idea to inform your argument.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re a tech savvy, you can focus on technology argumentative essay topics focused on social media.
  • Feel free to work on controversial essay topics on social media if you have enough evidence and reasons to support your position on the topic.
  • Remember, your chosen topic must be debatable, relevant to the theme of social media, and focused.
  • Check your topic against the assignment prompt to ensure it meets all the requirements before you start writing.

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50+ Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are 50+ social media argumentative essay topics from which you can choose an idea to explore in your writing:

Impact of Social Media on Communication

  1. Can we attribute the demise of face-to-face interaction can be attributed to the influence of social media?
  2. Social media is responsible for the destruction of real-life communication.
  3. Constant social media connection causes stress and loneliness in people.
  4. Social media makes teenagers more attracted to their physical appearance.
  5. Does the use of social media make humans feel more alone?
  6. Do social media facilitate or hinder actual communication?

Government Regulation and Social Media

  1. Should the government ban Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp permanently?
  2. Should Twitter introduce an algorithm that automatically filters negative and aggressive content?
  3. Should the government have the right to monitor and control what we post on social media?
  4. Should parents have the right to monitor and control what their teen children post on social media?
  5. Should emotional outburst be something we allow on social media?

Impact of Social Media on Society

  1. Should social network users have the right to obscure their identity online?
  2. Is our culture of online shaming and cyberbullying on Facebook and WhatsApp completely out of control?
  3. Has social media contributed to unrealistic life expectations that frequently result in depression?
  4. Has the use of social media resulted in greater time loss than any other activity?
  5. Has social media contributed to unrealistic life expectations that frequently result in depression?

Ethics and Social Media

  1. Are social media owners responsible for the excessive use of abusive language in the comment sections of their platforms?
  2. The endorsements of celebrities on social media are unethical.
  3. Are celebrity endorsements on social media misleading to clients?
  4. Should social platform creators be accountable for harm caused by their platforms?
  5. Does the internet, through social media, provide connectivity and immediacy?
  6. Is YouTube the best social networking platform to promote a brand?
  7. Does the lack of social media marketing have effects on Papa Pita Bakery?
  8. Social media network play a role in changing the attitudes of the youth of Australia?
  9. Does the rapid circulation of hate speech on social media platforms have an impact?
  10. Social media influence customer behavior in the electronics sector.
  11. Does the social media network play a role in changing the attitudes of the youth of Australia?

Business and Social Media

  1. Can the use of social media for business help to boost enterprise appeal to the targeted clientele?
  2. Should human resource hire employees based on what they post on social media?
  3. Social media cannot help your business to succeed.
  4. Is there a connection between social media use and body image perception?
  5. Is social media online presence significant for individuals and businesses?
  6. Are there both positive and negative effects of social media from a human society perspective?
  7. Can the use of social media change the future of worldwide politics?
  8. Does aggressive marketing on TV and social media have an impact?
  9. Is there a difference between life portrayed on Instagram and real life?
  10. Do social media play a role in the internet communication of Dubai’s public sector company?

Psychological Effects of Social Media

  1. Social media is the primary source of inferiority complex among teens.
  2. Does social media addiction enhance dopamine production in the brain?
  3. Does the use of social media make humans feel more alone?
  4. What harmful behaviors have you developed because of your social media usage?
  5. Should individuals first learn how to use caution while posting something online?
  6. Do social media control people’s emotions by the content they select to display?

Interesting Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Does Internet communication and social media have a positive or negative impact on global politics and social awareness?
  2. Do accessing social media networking sites enhance or hinder workers’ productivity?
  3. Is social media making people more narcissistic?
  4. Is social media more beneficial or detrimental to children, teenagers, and modern marketing?
  5. Is the hate culture on social networking platforms a result of social media itself or human behavior?
  6. Does humor on social media positively or negatively affect mental health?
  7. Has social media positively or negatively transformed psychological education?
  8. Is social media solely responsible for the rise in cyberbullying, or are there other factors involved?
  9. Should social media posts be used as reliable sources for making judgments, or are they prone to bias and misinformation?

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