Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics: 20+ Ideas to Explore

Abortion is an issue that raises hundreds of questions about physical health, emotional well-being, human rights, psychological effects, and the rule of law.

For example:

  • Does abortion go against the law that protects women’s rights?
  • Is the right to take the life of an unborn child even ethical for a woman’s psychological and physical well-being?
  • Does abortion pose ethical dilemma to women?
  • Can we ever find a balance between the rights of a potential mother and the rights of a fetus?

These are just but examples of abortion argumentative essay topics that you might come up with during brainstorming.

However, brainstorming can be time-consuming, especially if you have only a few days left to write an argumentative essay.

To help you make the topic research stage easy, we’ve put together a list of 20+ topics on the theme abortion. Scan the list, pick a topic you find interesting, and write an essay on it.

Key Takeaways

  • Abortion is one of the most controversial issues to write about, so you should choose a topic that you can comfortably investigate.
  • Your topic should subject to debate and allow you explore existing literature without a stint of personalized views, feelings, or emotions. 
  • If your topic doesn’t allow you to collect enough relevant arguments based on evidence, data, and facts, drop it and look for something else.

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20+ Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

The following is a list of abortion topics that you can write your argumentative essay about: 

General Essay Topics

The following are some general and likely the most common topics on abortion. We think they’re interesting because they touch on the very issues that affect men and women psychologically and physically. 

  1. Can an unborn fetus experience pain during an abortion or should we support the process?
  2. A ban on abortion can lead to an increase in illicit abortions.
  3. Should married couples take away the life of an unborn child based on health and wellness factors? 
  4. Abortion always has a negative effect on a woman’s physical and psychological well-being. 
  5. Is the practice of abortion a practice of murder that should be subject to capital offense? 
  6. Is abortion a matter of individual or societal regulation?
  7. Abortion does not play any role in the decline of moral values in a society.
  8. The religious defense for and against abortion are not as reliable. 
  9. Is mandatory counseling required before abortion needed?
  10. Should the father of a child to be born after nine months have a say in the decision to procure abortion? 
  11. Women who have abortions have regrets that last a lifetime even if they don’t publicly speak about it.
  12. There should not be such thing as abortion because life begins at conception.

Controversial Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

Abortion is just as sensitive and controversial as any issue surrounding racism, and there are many topics within this division. Here are some ideas: 

  1. Sexual orientation and exposure to violence among patients seeking termination does not relate to the abortion debate.
  2. Do the case studies of child abuse victims denied abortion shed light on issues of re-traumatization, stigma, and disability?
  3. Does phenomenon of child brides and shotgun weddings in anti-abortion communities contribute to a vicious cycle of abuse?
  4. Can denying abortion to victims result in co-parenting with their abusers and give the biological father power over the victim’s life?
  5. Do women deal with tradeoffs with unplanned pregnancies when considering options like abortion?
  6. Ineffective sex education and abstinence-only programs contributed to the increase teenage pregnancy rates and demand for abortion.
  7. Hundreds of controversies surround fake abortion clinics in terms of shaming, ideology, and misinformation.
  8. Should adolescents have the right to confidential care when considering abortion? 

Abortion and Ethics Essay Topics

The following are examples of interesting topics that deal with a combination of ethics and abortion:

  1. Is it ethical to allow abortion in cases of detected disability of the fetus?
  2. We cannot link abortion to mental health issues such as postpartum depression, infanticide, and suicide. 
  3. Do global bioethical perspectives consider prenatal diagnosis, wrongful birth, and wrongful life ethically sound?
  4. Religion and morality play a role in ethical considerations of abortion.
  5. Should there be a distinction between ethical and legal considerations in defining acceptable cutoffs for abortion procedures?
  6. Is parental involvement in teenage abortion, both before and beyond the age of consent, ethically necessary?
  7. Should clinicians prioritize patient autonomy over their country’s abortion laws when facing ethical dilemmas?
  8. Is there a moral argument to define when a fetus becomes fully human in the abortion debate?
  9. Are the concepts of humanity and morality in the abortion debate socially constructed?

Morality and Abortion Essay Topics

If you would like to write an argumentative essay that considers the issue of abortion and morality combined, here are some ideas: 

  1. Can assisted reproductive technology that produces live births but discards unplanted embryos be reconciled with pro-life philosophy?
  2. Limiting abortions is a political strategy used to penalize people who already experience multiple forms of injustice.
  3. Following the prohibition on abortion, do you believe morning-after drugs should be lawful or illegal?
  4. Criminalizing abortion will stigmatize all miscarriages and penalize already severely suffering women.
  5. Abortion should be legal because bearing a kid that you are unable to care for is insulting to human life.
  6. Do you believe a woman seeking an abortion in a state that forbids the operation should go outside the state to obtain the procedure?
  7. Do you believe it is appropriate to establish penalty for forced impregnation if abortion is illegal and punishable by law?

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